Tim’s Hunting Songs project has come together as a website featuring contributions from different artists for each song. More over here!

Some recent press:

The Modern Folk Music of America calls the album ‘a rare, weird bird.’

Spacerockmountain praises Tim’s ‘quirky, charming delivery of offbeat lyrics and simple, impressive songcraft.’

I Minored In Music has listened to Treehouse ‘about a zillion times’ and still likes it.

Tim cooks up some hummus with write.cook.click.listen.

A rough cut from the Red Rogue’s upcoming summer project, with home footage from Jeju.

Celebrate a very fine and fancy Christmas with Fancy Man!

Fancy Man’s been workin’ hard
To make this fancy Christmas card
So grab a tie and put it on
As you enjoy our Xmas songs!

Percussion – David Powell
Violin and backing – Dan Wickner
Bass – Donghee Lee
Guitar and vocals – Timothy Cushing

A Very Fancy Christmas and Christmas Card From Korea (Part 2) written by Timothy Cushing
Artwork by Danny Jock

Illustrated posters by Danny Jock for shows at The Factory.

July 2013—A rare home-state show with Colby Nathan and Methuin Muir at the Oak and the Ax.

December 2012—A living room concert at a favorite Jeju café, Stay With Coffee. Listen to the full set here.

November 2012—Tim opens for Korea’s finest ska-reggae band, South Carnival.

2012—Tim plays his first international show at Jeju’s The Factory.

2010—The Red Rogue reunites for a 100-strong crowd at their favorite venue, Pete’s Candy Store.

2010—In The Sunny Side of the Street, Laughable Recordings artists perform in the Kennebunk Laughable Barn, accompanied by visual spectacles.

2008—Laughable Recordings artists play and raise a corner of a barn in Kennebunk, Maine.

2007—A rash Red Rogue road trip to Nashville culminates in a depressing open mic performance.

2005—The Red Rogue plays the first of many shows at the upstairs venue attached to Manhattan's famously seedy (now-shuttered) Pussycat Lounge.

2004—While driving cross-country, Tim’s car breaks down in tiny Ashville, Alabama and he is asked by a kind man to play some songs at a meeting later. This is his first ever show. Halfway through the meeting, Tim realizes that he is surrounded by a group of very friendly white supremacists. They love his music.

Tim wrote Hunting Songs (2013) over a single winter in Maine, then spent three years bringing it all together. Look and listen here.

Telephone Lines (2010) is Tim’s first solo LP. Several songs were refined and recorded with the Red Rogue; recording took place in Red Hook, Brooklyn at Hook Studios, various New York apartments and a Maine attic.

Art by Tess Jenkins
Photo by Danny Jock